Dreams Come from our Will, Hard Work and Patience

I was only an usual student of Marine Science in Universitas Padjajaran, Indonesia. I was only 18 years old in the 4th semester of my university. I heard some of my seniors have been study outside and that is courage me to try like them too. And then.. I go to my lecturer Mr. Yudi N Ihsan who encourage his student to have open access to outside the country, I asked him, how can I studying abroad without spent many money ?? and he answered me, I need to find it by myself by googling because the interenet in this technology time is a great helper to find information. From then, I try to search with keywords “international student conference” , there is so many event but we need to paid to live in there, and finally I founf UNEP-IESD website which is offering an opportunity to join their event in the International Student Conference on Sustainable Development in Shanghai. And then I read all the information about it and I asked for advice from my lecture, and he say “ yes, you should try this, I will help you  “ and then I started to make a papper about Global warming which affect to marine ecosystem. This is the first time I worked so hard to make a paper in English language. Not only that, I also made a poster about my paper !! a poster!! Oh Im not a hi-tech person, I don’t even know how to use photoshop but I try to learned it with help from my housemate Selvita Nurani Siregar and of course by searching photoshop tutorial in youtube *it really helps*. With that small knowledge I do my poster by myself. Finally I got an email from that event congratulate me to become one of the an invited participant in that event ! and yeah I’m so excited about this, all my hard work is not futile, I’m going to shanghai !!! it is true, if you have a dream, you have to focused on it and do something or many thing to get it, patience for it and if you fail, try again. There is still many opportunities such it in another event !  good luck to reach your dream guys. God bless

Writen by : Retno Kusuma Ningrum